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Meet the Staff of Furthmiller Motors LLC

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Dana Furthmiller - Owner

260-357-4300 - dana@furthmiller.com

Dana Furthmiller has been around cars all of his life. His father, Dave Furthmiller, owned and operated Dave Furthmiller Speed Shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana, during the 60's and 70's, specializing in high performance racing engines, and was known for delivering "Power not Promises" to many racers and car enthusiasts. Dana's automotive career also started in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1982, where he worked in the service department for a local Harley-Davidson dealership during high school. In the Spring of 1986, Dana moved from motorcycles to cars and accepted a service manager position for a Toyota store in Fort Wayne. Over the next 7 years, Dana advanced through the service department ranks where he eventually became the Parts and Service Director in charge of several franchises for an Indiana-based mega-dealer. During this time, Dana served 4 years in the Indiana Air National Guard. Then in 1993, a promotion into Sales Management for this same mega-dealer led Dana to a 14 year career climb to running multiple new car stores with positions as a Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Director of Operations, and General Manager. Finally, the timing was right for Dana to step out and fulfill his dream of opening his own business. Furthmiller Motors was opened in February of 2007 in Auburn, Indiana. With over 37 years of dealership service and sales experience, Dana is knowledgeable and understanding as to what it takes to deliver on promises and exceed the expectations of customers. Dana strives to run Furthmiller Motors with a relaxed, laid-back approach, answering all questions and concerns with the utmost professionalism and honesty. Dana plays bass guitar on weekends, and enjoys listening to and performing live music. He has been married for over 32 years to Katie, and has three daughters, Erica, Alexis, and Natalie.

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Jay Fitzgerald - Store Manager

260-357-4300 - jay@furthmiller.com

Jay Fitzgerald joined Furthmiller Motors as the Store Manager in August of 2016, after spending a few years at another local independent auto dealer as a sales associate. Jay is not new to the car business though, because in 2001 he opened and operated his own business for 10 years called ProMotion, which serviced several local car dealers with promotional products, including signage, banners, streamers, flag poles, you name it! Around this time in 2002, Dana Furthmiller and Jay met. In fact, Jay designed and produced the first signage for Furthmiller Motors back in 2007, which we still proudly display today inside our sales office. Jay has been with his wife Karyn for over 25 years, and they have 2 beautiful children, Jack and Rissa. Jay is a proud graduate of Northside High School in Fort Wayne, and has been a lifelong, local guy. When Jay is not working, he likes to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and hit every Jimmy Buffet concert that he can.

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Erica Furthmiller - Purchasing Director

260-357-4300 - erica@furthmiller.com

Erica Furthmiller worked with Furthmiller Motors during her High School years as an Administrative Assistant, which included keeping the dealership paperwork moving and organized.  After graduating from Carroll High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Erica moved to Ocala Florida to pursue her love and passion for horses.  From 2011 to 2021, Erica worked for Ford Motor Company in the Ocala, Florida area, focusing on Customer Service and Service Department Operations.  In April of 2021, Erica joined Furthmiller Motors as our Vehicle Purchasing Director, with a focus on buying Florida trade -in vehicles from Florida New Car Dealers for our Indiana operation.  Erica loves animals, and lives on a 7 acre horse farm in Ocala, with a horse, 3 donkeys, 2 Great Danes and some chickens too!  Erica has been married to Harrison, also a Ford Motor Company employee, since 2018, and has one of the sweetest 89 Ford Bronco's that you have ever seen.  In her spare time, she loves her Danes, and golfing with Harrison at the local golf course.

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Panda Furthmiller - Regional Manager

260-357-4300 - panda@furthmiller.com

Panda Furthmiller is our friendliest employee, and when she is not working at Furthmiller Motors, she is managing Redfish Ranch in Ocala, Florida, keeping track of her Nephew Ghost, which is also a Great Dane, along with 3 donkeys, a horse, and other assorted animals. 

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Kaylee Conn - Inventory Manager

260-357-4300 - kaylee@furthmiller.com

Kaylee Conn joined Furthmiller Motors in August of 2019 as a vehicle detailer, and quickly rose thru the ranks to become our Inventory Manager.  Kaylee is responsible for our vehicles being represented correctly for sale on the internet, along with making sure they are all cleaned by our detail department and serviced before the sale as needed, with pictures and videos on our website being her specialty.  We are happy to have her on board, running the show for this process, and wearing several hats to make things happen. When not at Furthmiller; Kaylee might be looking after her 50 chickens or collecting freshly laid eggs, hanging out with her boyfriend at a mud bog, hitting grand slams on the softball field, or doing some landscaping in the surrounding area. She is friendly & funny, so don't be afraid to say hello next time you see her out on the lot!

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