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Do you finance, or are you a buy-here-pay-here? Can I make you payments? Can you check my credit?

We do not offer any financing at our dealership, and we do not take payments. we are not registered with the State of Indiana to be a loan company, and we are not permitted to check your credit score or your credit standing. all our vehicles must be paid for in full. we have many sources that can help you, like our local Credit Unions, along with OneMain Financial, Pacesetter Financial, and smaller hometown banks. they know us and our quality of vehicles. we are very successful in recommending these lenders for good or poor credit situations, so ask us!

Do you take trade-ins? What is my car worth?

We take several trade-ins every year, but we do not always take every trade-in. If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade, just pass it by us. we can usually let you know if it is a car that we would have an interest in. to be fair, let us see it and drive it before you pressure us for a value. this will make sure that you get our top offer, and not just a conservative guess.

Will you "hold" the car for me, or can I give you a deposit?

We do not "hold" vehicles or take deposits, mostly because we have several people with expressed interested in our vehicles at the same time, and there is no fair way to exclude some buyers and allow other buyers to dictate who and when a vehicle can be purchased. we never want to tell someone that they cannot buy a vehicle from us because it is being "held" for someone else - including you. our cars are either for sale or sold. we do not doubt that you may have the desire to buy one of our vehicles, but until you have the means and ability to do so, the car is fair game for everyone. if you are unsure about buying a car from us, or waiting on money, or you need to look at a few more before you decide, please do not expect us to take a vehicle off the market and "hold" it away from other buyers during your process. we always say that we never pressure people to buy a car from us, and in return, we never want to be pressured to not be able to sell one :)

Where do you get your vehicles?

Almost every vehicle that we offer for sale, with few exceptions, are either traded in to us, or traded in at bigger new car dealerships. we have built relationships with these new car dealers over the past 30 years and have a great working relationship with them to get their BEST trade-in's. we purchase these trade-in's, which are usually one or two previous owner local vehicles, and most have a great service history and local story as well. we shy away from buying vehicles from auto auctions, because the auto auctions are well known as the place that a dealer will take a problem vehicle for disposal. these "clearing houses and dumping grounds" for problem vehicles is NOT where we want to find your next car!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, bank checks, loan checks and most credit cards, excluding American Express. no additional fees apply for using a credit card with us, but the cardholder must be present to sign and show a picture I.D. sorry, but we don't take Uncle Bob's credit card information over the phone from 10 states away for your purchase, so bring him with you.

Do you have any extra "dealer processing fees" or "dealer documentary fees"?

We do not charge ANY additional fees to do your paperwork. This is pure dealer profit at other dealerships, and we feel it is just wrong. also, we do not charge you a fee for using your credit card. this is a cost of doing business in our eyes. we DO have to collect sales tax, which is enforced by the State of Indiana. if you are an out-of-state buyer, check out the next question.

I do not live in Indiana, so how does sales tax and the title process work if I buy a car from you?

Great news! We are experts at out-of-state purchases, and we have done a TON of them over the last 15 years, so NO worries. first off, we will provide you with a free 45-day temporary license plate that you can use to transport the vehicle back to your state and drive on until your visit to your state licensing agency. second, we collect sales tax at the base rate of your state of residence. currently, Ohio is 5.75%, Michigan is 6%, Indiana is 7%. we don't make these rates up. we simply apply the percent that Indiana enforces us to collect. we are required to see your driver’s license for verification of your tax rate, so bring it along. next, you pay the price of the vehicle, along with your state tax rate, and we provide you with all the legal documents that you will need to plate the vehicle in your state. you will pay all fees, as your state would normally apply, to register and plate the vehicle in your state, but you will NOT pay sales tax again, since we have already collected it. there are forms that we provide for the state to know you paid the tax already, so no worries. if you have local or county taxes that are above and beyond your base state tax rate, then you will have to pay these additional tax fees when you plate the car. we just collect the base tax rate for your state, and that's it. questions as to how much your state will charge you should be directed to your state office. we are car salespeople, and not experts on all 50 states and their motor vehicle policies, so we have no idea what each state charges and why, so do your homework if you need the fees.

Do you offer any warranties on your vehicles, or do you include a warranty with your cars?

All our vehicles are sold "As Is" with no warranties, and we do not include any "free" warranties or offer any warranties for purchase. If you are obtaining financing through a local bank or credit union, they may be able to offer you a warranty and roll the cost right into your monthly payment, or there are also several companies that you can find on the internet that specialize in added coverages, just Google it :)

Can I have my mechanic look at a car of yours that I have interest in?

Absolutely! We are not mechanics, and we do not promise perfect vehicles, so it is always a smart move to know exactly what you are buying. We are happy to arrange an inspection at your expense within a reasonable distance and help with some of the leg work.

Is there anything wrong with your cars? Your prices seem too good to be true.

We get this question a lot, and of course we have no idea of everything that every one of our vehicles may need, nor do we know your level of expectations. the simple solution is to not ask us but have someone you trust look at the car and maybe even have a mechanic do a formal inspection. this way, you will know for sure. also, most of our vehicles are over 10 years old and over 100,000 miles, so if your mechanic can't find anything wrong, then you may need a new mechanic!

Can I take your car for an overnight test-drive?

We do not do overnight test-drives, mostly because the car sits for over 8 hours in your driveway with nothing happening to help you, or us, make a deal. A few thorough test-drives along with an inspection by someone that you trust will answer all your questions.

I have a question that wasn't listed on this page.

We are as laid back as it gets, so send us an email or give us a call. We don't bite, and we will be happy to help!

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